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We all know that editing and post-processing takes time away from creating and shooting content – we can take care of your post-production. Let's free your time up so you can get back to what matters.

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YouTube Videos, Social Ads, Stream Highlights

Creators create! Engage, entertain and grow your audience without spending endless hours piecing together segments of your footage and re-rendering videos due to spelling errors and misbehaving pixels.

Starting from $150
Online Conferences, Zoom Recordings, Webinars

Don't repeat yourself! Streamline the education of your clients and employees with tightly edited, informative, and easily digestible videos by repurposing your conference and call recordings.

Starting from $200
Full Length Online Courses

Work smarter! Reach a high ROI on your time by skipping the tasks that don't need your capabilities and focusing exclusively on things that move the needle - while the recording of your online course gets ready to be consumed.

Starting from $350
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Depending on your needs, services can include:

  • Splitting, trimming and joining of segments
  • Pro transitions between segments
  • Creating and adding titles and lower-thirds
  • Creating and adding intro and outro
  • Color correction
  • Color grading
  • Special effects
  • Green screen background replacement
  • Image stabilisation
  • Adding background music
  • Sound design
  • Audio equalisation
  • Audio cleanup
  • Subtitles and even more!
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How it works

Book a no-obligation 15 min call to discuss your goals & requirements, learn about the whole process
Step 2: Upload file(s)

Upload your files and editing notes to the dedicated cloud storage we provide you
Step 3: review edits

Receive and review your first cut, and request any minor or major revisions (based on our initial agreement)
Final step: ready to publish
Download and publish the final render (or let us handle the publishing too)

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What types of videos do you edit?
How can I pay you?
Are your editors in-house or freelance?
Can I include mostly photos?
Do you film videos too?
Is it safe to share my files with you?


Where can I post my final videos?
Will you put your watermark or your logo on my video?
Will my video be used for marketing?

Uploding files and editing

How much footage can I submit per video?
How long does it take to edit my video?
What file types do you accept?
How do I send you my files?
Can I add special requests or notes?
Can you resize videos for different platforms like Instagram?

Other questions and services

Can you convert my podcast into a video?
Do you provide professional voiceovers?
Can you create animation videos?

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